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A Bit About Me

I’ve been on this incredible journey which has led to why I do what I do today. I haven’t always been fit. I struggled with negative feelings about myself, my body, and my appearance. I’m raising two kids in a single household, and used to have a demanding full-time career. I juggled various roles, was under a great amount of stress, and often felt hopeless. My unhappiness turned into desperation. I was desperate for solutions on how to feel better, be happier. I learned through experience that if I wanted a different life, I had to do things I never had before. I had to BE different. 

Have you felt this way? Do you feel you have to look like you have it all together? Be the perfect parent and spouse; be a powerful income earner? Do you avoid asking for help? Feel like you have to do everything on your own? I know that asking for help is not easy. I also know that having help can change your life. It can catapult  you towards immense growth. Accepting help is not a sign of weakness but of courage. It means you’re ready to own your life.

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If you want to read more about my journey, see My Story below.

My Story


At 48, I found myself feeling more and more unhappy with my health, my body and my job of 30+ years. I had a stable career and earned a great income. I was living life the way I thought I was supposed to but felt miserable. My life had become a routine, a long list of daily “have-to’s.” I felt stuck in a cage in my job, doing whatever I needed to do to get by. I skipped meals and got little sleep. I ignored my every need. Instead, I focused on being a good mom, a high performer at work, and being perfect in all of my other roles. I was unhappy and physically and emotionally drained. And except for my chronic complaining about my busy life, I kept the depth of my misery a secret.

I did all I could to make myself feel better. I read self-help books. I listened to motivational podcasts. I’d feel inspired for a while. But it didn’t last and wasn’t enough. It wasn’t until I started taking CrossFit classes that things started to shift. I lost weight and felt stronger. I started doing things I thought I could never do. Things like pull-ups, handstand push-ups, and rope climbs. I gained confidence. I felt empowered.

Six months later, I started coaching CrossFit classes part-time for fun. Then five months later I did something terrifying. I left my job. I didn’t have a real plan. Starting over at 50 seemed crazy. Felt sketchy. Appeared irresponsible. But I did it anyway. I pushed past my fears. I ignored my self-doubt. Finally, I decided that I was worth the life that I wanted. I had no idea at that time what that life looked like. But there was one thing I was sure of - I wasn't living it

And then I did something else out of character. I asked for help and hired a coach. I dove inward. I let go. I let myself be vulnerable. I learned how to nurture my mind and my spirit. I found purpose in helping others do the same.

What about you? If you knew today was your last day how would you feel about the life you lived? Would you say it was your best life? The human experience is not perfect by any means, but I can say from experience that it is entirely possible for you to feel joy and abundance with the life you have while holding the vision of the life you want. It starts with you taking care of you.

Through healthy habits, you can transform your body and your life. Say yes to your life and take the first step by clicking below to set up your free 30-minute strategy call. Together, we will move what stands in your way of creating your ideal life.

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Personal Hurdles

Hand-stand Push-ups


I was not an athletic kid. I didn't play a sport. I was taught not to do things that risked injury so I played with caution. I stayed away from the monkey bars, and just about anything that involved climbing or jumping. You'd never find me interested in any form of competition. As an adult, building up the confidence and ability to do any of these things was not something I believed I could do. I share this to show that what may feel impossible, is simply a feeling. It's not the truth. It's a story your past experiences have created for you.

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First CrossFit Competition


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