Live Awake


Here I am delivering my second speech, Live Awake. I didn’t spend as much time practicing this speech but I was determined not to use notes. I wasn't as confident, which is evident in my delivery at the start. In the first few minutes, I made a couple of obvious errors in wording but it was a great way to practice a quick recovery. I was proud to be voted Best Speaker. - October 13, 2018

Finding My Voice


A few months ago I felt compelled to develop public speaking skills. As I wrote my first speech, Finding My Voice, I connected early events in my life to my compulsion to join. It was incredibly freeing to do two things that were previously so out of character for me - speak before an audience and share something so vulnerable to a group of strangers. Although I was voted Best Speaker, it wouldn’t have mattered if I wasn't. Inside, I already won. - September 14, 2018


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