I used food to comfort myself – usually it was chips or sweets. I have learned to honor my mind and body so I eat healthier foods and exercise more often.  Even though I am more active now, I have lots more energy! My mindset is so much stronger. I am able to slow down my thoughts so that I can preserve my energy for things that actually matter to me. I highly recommend using a coach to keep you accountable and support you along the way. Chona helped me to create a better life than I had initially envisioned for myself. My husband has noticed that I am happier, sexier, younger, and more loving – because I am!

- Molly


With the help of Chona, I have learned to improve so many areas of my life. I have lost 20 pounds and learned to make great nutritional and fitness choices. There is much more that I have to achieve but what I have accomplished so far wouldn't have been possible without her wisdom and positive attitude. Chona continues to guide and support me through the biggest decisions I have made in my life so far, and because of her guidance and support I will continue to use what I have learned from her coaching for years to come.

- Maria


“I am tired of being tired” are the exact words I said to Chona. I was stuck in a way of being that was unhealthy and unfulfilling. With Chona’s coaching I have been able to breakthrough a lot of bad habits and have a life that is healthier and more fulfilling. Not only have I lost weight, but I have a better understanding of the foods I eat and their impact on my body. More importantly, I am creating deeper connections with my family and friends. I am not only finding joy, but I am creating joy. What I loved about working with Chona is that she kept me accountable and honest about my growth. I recommend Chona to anyone ready to make a change in life. You have to do the work, but she is with you every step of the way.

- Linda


This program has taken a completely different approach to weight loss than what I was used to experiencing. I have used so many weight loss strategies throughout my 35 years: Weight Watchers, Whole 30, Atkins, Zone, intense CrossFit designed 8-week challenges. Although they have worked, the pounds always come right back. The coaching component is what has made this such a life altering experience for me. It has had a monumental impact on my eating habits, daily routine, and relationships. The program did not just change the way I eat, it changed the way I look at food, the way I look at my life, and unlocked the key to my past failures. I managed to take a 16-day vacation to Hawaii WITHOUT GAINING WEIGHT!  I have also found that the more healthy choices I make, the healthier my husband and kids are as well. I am a balanced Beth who has found joy in experiences and connections. I am worth all the effort I have put in. I also feel pretty good about how my jeans are fitting these days!


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